Workbook For Individuals

"The Thematic PhotoBooks learning method for exceptional individuals" workbook

This easy-to-follow workbook outlines the 11 key steps to implementing a Thematic PhotoBooks learning process with an individual child or young adult. It highlights three children and the themes that were targeted in their Thematic PhotoBooks (social skills, daily living skills, classroom concepts, and expressive language). Pictures from each childs PhotoBooks are included. Each section includes notes on additional ways the learning processes could have been adapted to address other themes. This workbook is essential to anyone who plans to implement a PhotoBook approach to working with exceptional children.

[$5 - 32 pages]


LifeSkills PhotoBooks: food preparation workbook

This workbook instructs two adults with experience working with children who have special needs on how to guide a group in creating a Life Skills PhotoBook for food preparation. The workbook is organized into seven chapters that outline the focus and goals of each session; describe the equipment and supplies needed to complete the project; and cover ways to teach simple food preparation skills and basic photography, as well as how to motivate them to work in a group. This workbook is essential to anyone who wants to implement a PhotoBook project in a group setting.

[$5 - 30 pages]


Thematic PhotoBooks for Children with Autism - Parent Guide

This workbook outlines ideas around tailoring the Thematic PhotoBook [TPB] method for people who are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Highlights include a description of visual learners, the three common learning traits of people with autism, attuning the TPB process to a personís functioning level, and how to start the TPB method.

[$5 - 30 pages]

Using Images from Nature To Address Personal Challenges (Workbook)

The goal of Thematic PhotoBooks is to help a person take a unique look at issues and challenges in his life using photography as a medium. Using images supported by words rather than words alone to describe the situation can help a person gain deeper insight of these challenges and develop a new perspective.

[25 pages]

Other work

This work presents a few examples how parents and educators applied Thematic PhotoBook Method for children with autism and developmental disabilities addressing different challenges at home, in a preschool for children with special needs and a public elementary school.

[33 pages]


Lady Sarita and the Beautiful Lake

This work describes the example of how Thematic Photobooks can be used for people with mental health issues.

[14 pages]

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