People who contributed to creation of the website

Boskovic Loreta, MSW
wrote most of the website material

Hollander Mark, PhD in Psychology
assisted  in developing the Thematic PhotoBooks method

Montgomery Olga, A Ed
participated in creating ebooks

Ranish Anna, MS.Ed., BS in Computer Science
 took part in developing the Thematic PhotoBooks method and writing the material

Reed Henry, Ph. D in Psychology and Art Therapy
supervised the theoretical part of the Thematic PhotoBooks method and writing the material

Sutliff Paul, MS. Ed
helped in writing an ebook on autism spectrum disorders

Veksler Dina, MIE, A Ed, a certificate in Professional Photography
created the idea of Thematic PhotoBooks

Vinnikov Vlad, BS in Computer Science
designed the website

Alexander, Anastasia, Chesky, Barthy, Dennis, Itz, Luc, Maya, Melany, Moshe, Raju, Sheya, and others
the wonderful children who helped to recreate the original stories and activities for the website materials

Disclaimer: All pictures on this web site are of typical children who helped us to recreate the learning process. This was done as a way to ensure confidentiality and privacy of the children with whom we originally worked. As well, these kids had fun and felt good taking part, knowing that they were helping others. Along the way, some of them learned how to take pictures and developed some life skills.